[Updated]Win BlizzCon 2013 Digital Swag!

[Edit] We have extended the contest in order to get more insane Stick figure drawings of these Frozen Nerdz. We will be running the contest until we receive at least 10 entries to the contest. We have already had a few submissions from things drawn on a napkin, to things drawn digitally!  


You heard it right, we are giving about the BlizzCon 2013 (last years) digital swag to a lucky and talented listener!

It was teased on Episode 10, and then revealed on Episode 11!

We tossed around the idea of having listeners come up with the best Frozen Nerdz Pun, to recording themselves singing one of Kilroys most sang songs on the show. But we finally settled with our Frozen Nerdz Stick Figure “Art” Contest!

The winner will receive either the code from the BlizzCon 2013 Digital Swag card given away at BlizzCon in Anaheim, California!

Frozen Nerdz Stick Figure “Art” Contest: The “artwork” can be either a comic strip, simple hand drawn, or very detailed artwork, but it must contain stick figure drawings.

Rules:  Artwork must be in Stick Figure form. Must be video game related, involve both Frozen Nerdz, be original artwork, be creative, and must be PG-13.
Dates: April 29 – May 13th to Submit, Voted on May 13 – 27th 2014.  *Updated* Until we have at least 10 entries.
How to Enter: E-mail (IceBox@FrozeNerdz.com), or Tweet (@FrozeNerdz) a link/photo of your artwork.
Prize: Mystery Minion card for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Elite Tauren Chieftan), a Murkalot pet for World of Warcraft, the Mark of Death banner for Diablo 3, and a portrait and decal for StarCraft II.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Contact the Frozen Nerdz directly!

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