[Warcraft] How to Unlock Nightbane

Welcome to the Frozen Nerdz website! And today we have something extra special for all of the Nerd Nation! We have a guide on how to unlock the Nightbane encounter by our very own Epicinsanity.

If you are interested in watching the video, check it out here:


Location: Return to Karazhan; (Old Karazhan — Back Entrance)
Suggested item level: 870+
Required Consumables: Potion of Invisibility. (Draenic Invisibility PotionSkaggldrynk)

How It Works:

In order to unlock the Nightbane encounter, you must kill the Opera Event then Moreos, then back to Curator in a set amount of time. But along the way you must gain the Medivh’s Echo buff from collecting five crystals along the way. Each time you collect a crystal, you will gain an additional 5 minutes to the timer. IMPORTANT: One member of party must collect all 5 of the Medivh’s Echo buffs, so make sure a few people are in range of the crystal when they are collected.

The timer starts when the door is opened. IMPORTANT: DO NOT click the door open until you are ready to start the timed run. Once the door is opened,  you have 8 minutes to clear all the trash to the Opera Event, kill the Opera event and then get to the Opera Audience seating to collect the first crystal. In order to do this in time, you will want to follow a close path, and make sure you have a potion of invisibility available to you in order to skip a portion of the trash.


Our Path to Opera:

Pull the last part of the trash onto the Opera Stage and have a member of your group start the Opera RP to help save time.

This is where you will want to use your Potion of Invisibility in order to skip the trash. (Light Blue lines on the map).

Once you have collected the first crystal, you want to make your way towards Maidens room. You will not actually kill maiden, but you will collect the second crystal in the last room on the left just before Maidens room.

Our Path to Maidens Room:

After you have collected the second crystal it’s time to head back towards Moreos for the third crystal and his keys!

IMPORTANT: You will have to have someone loot his keys that are laying on the ground in order to continue this guide.

Our Path to the Spider Maze: (Original Entrance to Karazhan).

Avoid pulling too many spiders at the same time, and make sure your tank faces them away from the group. Once you have cleared the spiders, collect the fourth crystal and take the portal back to the entrance of Return to Karazhan.

Once back at the entrance, start clearing the way back up the stairs to Curator.

Once the trash is cleared, kill Curator himself.

Once he is dead, he will drop the final crystal. Collect it, gain the Medivh’s Presence buff, and head back down the stairs. Once you talk to Medivh for the first time, you will gain the “One Night In Karazhan” achievement.

You have successfully unlocked the Nightbane encounter! But in order to gain the mount, first you must kill him!

And in order to kill him each time you enter Karazhan, you must do the same timed run in order to be able to summon the boss.

But that’s how you get to Nightbane, maybe if the video becomes a hit, you will see more guide videos from the Frozen Nerdz! But until then, we will see you on the other side of the login screen!

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