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Welcome to the Overwatch Arcade!

Today’s Overwatch Arcade game is called “Wanderers vs Ghost” And you can watch it here!

You can also learn all about this game by Reddit user S’moreo here! You can also check out their videos on YouTube here!

In Create Game

  • Team 1 name: Wanderers
  • Team 2 name: Ghosts


  • Click “3v3 Elimination”


  • Wanderers Max Players: 3
  • Ghosts Max Players: 6



  • Hero Limit: Off
  • Respawn Time: 0%. This is optional and for the convenience of players that are skirmishing before the game starts. Obviously you can’t respawn in the actual game, so this doesn’t affect it.


  • Hero Selection: Random. This may seem weird, but it is actually VERY useful. If you do this, it removes the hero selection time because there is no need for it. Also, since there’s only one hero enabled per team, the randomness doesn’t matter since that one hero is the only one it will pick.


Hero Roster

Wanderers (Click “All Teams” and select Wanderers)

  • Click “None” and then only enable Lucio.

Ghosts (Click “All Teams” and select Ghosts)

  • Click “None” and then only enable Sombra.

Individual Heroes: Lucio

  • Amp it Up Cooldown Time: 83%
  • Damage Dealt: 500%
  • Healing Dealt: 15%
  • Health: 16%
  • Primary Fire: Off
  • Quick Melee: Off
  • Soundwave Cooldown Time: 375%
  • Ultimate Ability (Sound Barrier): Off

Individual Heroes: Sombra

  • Damage Received: 500%
  • Hack Cooldown Time: 437%
  • Health: 10%
  • Movement Speed: 115%
  • Primary Fire: Off
  • Stealth Cooldown Time: 0%
  • Translocator Cooldown Time: 75%
  • Ultimate Generation (EMP): 500%

Here are a few ways you can do that!


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