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Hello Nerd Nation!

Welcome to the Frozen Beard Media Patreon page! Previously the Frozen Nerdz Patreon.

First, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to even click on the link, and checking out our Patreon page. It means the world to us that you have taken the time to learn more about our Patreon.

This Patreon will collectively support the Frozen Nerdz Podcast, the Epic Questions Podcast, The Frozen Nerdz Report, the BlizzCon Podcast, and any other projects that we may add to the Network! With the support of this Patreon, you will be directly supporting the creation of future content funded and directed by you the Patron on the show!

This patreon has been created by Epicinasnity and Kilroy who have been podcasting about Blizzard Entertainment games since December 2012. Between the two of us, we have had over 350+ podcast episodes recorded and published, over 100GB of data downloaded by millions of fans worldwide! And without you, everything we’ve done would have not been possible over the years. Because of you we have been given the chance to attend multiple BlizzCon’s with Media Passes where we were invited to VIP Meetups, given the chance to speak at different fan created panels at BlizzCon, and much much more.

Frozen Beard Media has been solely funded by the creators of the show, but now we want to take it to the next level and that’s where you and Patreon come in.

If you have additional questions, or would like to talk to us in private about our Patreon, please contact us via email (

Nerdz out!
— Epicinsanity & Kilroy

Why Patreon?
Even before the creation of Frozen Nerdz, we had been contacted by numerous listeners wanting to support the show. Since we haven’t had any formal way to track, or reward those that have given to the show, we wanted to create a Patreon in order to give back to those that take the pledge to give back to us.

Not everyone understands the behind the scenes process of podcasting. So here is a quick breakdown on how it works for us for each episode.

In order for our episodes to into the hands and ears of our listeners, we upload them to a web host server to be stored. When you download an episode via iTunes/Stitcher/Spotify, you are downloading it directly from our web host. In order to have this storage, we pay a monthly service fee in order make that possible. Over the years, this fee has been covered by the hosts of the show, and will continue to be covered even if the Patreon isn’t successful. Currently, our monthly costs include: Web hosting, web domain fees, web security, and podcast hosting. The total of these fee’s is around $100 per month.

In order to keep the podcast focused 100% on Blizzard Entertainment games and not interrupted by hearing from our latest sponsor, we’ve decided to start a Patreon. Patreon gives listeners a safe and convenient way to help cover those costs while receiving rewards in return.

What if there is extra money?:
Each and every dollar raised via Patreon will be put right back into creating video game content. Once the bills have been paid, the rest will be funneled right back into the show.

Once we reach a milestone goal, any extra pledged funds will be saved for future month’s expenses. If we receive a sufficient amount, we would use it to upgrade our equipment, purchase additional giveaways, etc.

What the money will NOT be used for?:
Not a single dollar will be used for anything outside of the show. Our main focus is to be 100% transparent with our Patrons with our finances to show that the money is being spent in an effective way.

Rewards Explained:

What is the Patron Call In Show?!
Once a month, we will invite every one of our $5 or more per month Patrons to join us on a Discord call for a special extra monthly episode! On the call, we will talk to each of you, share a drink or two, and have a down right awesome time!

The Platinum Tier ($10 or more per month) Benefits:
Have you every wanted to kick off the Frozen Nerdz for us, or read one of our commercial scripts, or write your own and read it our thousands of listeners? Now is your chance! You will become OUR sponsor for that episode. So the show wills start off with YOU saying, “The Frozen Nerdz Podcast is brought to you by [Insert YOUR NAME here] and listeners like you!” you can. Everything has to be editor approved, and appropriate. But you can plug basically anything you want!
The Platinum Tier also gives you access to joining our creative panel for making new merchandise for our Merch store! Got an idea for a new shirt? Help us plan it and we will design it. And everyone will know it was made by you!

The Diamond Tier ($20 or more per month) Benefits:
In our $20 or more per month tier, we are offering 2 hours of alone time with one, or both Nerdz. Either we can sit in Discord and talk about Blizzard games, our show, your show, etc. During this time, you can use it to help plan our next episode, or next big thing!

Before pledging for this tier, please contact us at so we can discuss it in further detail with you one-on-one.

Explaining: Business/Corporation Pledge Level I & II:
This Pledge Tier is available for Business/Corporations that would like to support the show. The $25/$50 per month tiers are subject to approval. If we do not agree with, or believe in your business/corporation you will be notified, and your pledges removed. The Frozen Nerdz do not want to jeopardize their listeners and friends with advertisements on their website, and/or Twitter that they are not 100% fully invested in. For example, if you promote products or services against the Terms of Service of Blizzard Entertainment, we will not approve your Business/Corporation Pledge.

The Frozen Nerdz have the right to reject and/or deny ANY and ALL Business/Corporation Pledge Level I & II. For more information, email us at

Milestone #1: $100- 100% Fully Funded = Patron Call in Show
All of our current expenses (Webhosting, Podcast Hosting, Web Security, etc) are covered! Meaning we will have more resources and time to spend with you! Once a month, we will invite all of our Patrons to join us on Discord for a massive Frozen Beard Media party!

Milestone #2: $150 – Monthly Giveaways

This milestone would give us the ability to start giving back to our Frozen Nerdz community with a monthly giveaway! As well as giving us the ability to support YOUR favorite content creators on Patreon via our own pledges!

Milestone #3: $200 – Additional Merchandise on our Store
This milestone would allow us to be able to commission an artist/graphic designer to help create a variety of different types of new merchandise for our store!

Milestone #4: $250 – Live Recorded Episodes with Video
If this milestone is met, it would give us the ability to upgrade more equipment in order to record our shows live with video. You’ve been warned, these Nerdz have the face for radio!

Additional Milestones Added if Milestone #4 is met.

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