KoE – Episode 06 – Warlords of Death Knights

Knights of Ebon Episode 06 – Warlords of Death Knights

Introduction: Welcome to Episode 06 of Knights of the Ebon podcast. This is YOUR Death Knight podcast in the World of Warcraft. Each show, I, Epicinsanity, bring you the latest details on the greatest class in the game… The Death Knight. Each show I discuss relevant news, my weekly topic and some helpful tips & tricks to help you improve your game. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

This episode was recorded on Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 and released the same day.


  • Hotfixes:
    • Necrosis’ damage has been increased by 67%.
    • Scourge Strike’s damage has been increased by 50%.
    • Unholy Might now increases Strength by 5% (down from 10%).
  • Rotation:
  • Level 100 talents:
    • The best option is Defile if the target is going to stand still. If the target is going to move a lot, Necrotic Plague becomes vital.
  • Stats Priority:
    • Strength;
    • Multistrike;
    • Mastery;
    • Critical Strike;
    • Versatility;
    • Haste.




        1. Apply Frost Fever with Howling Blast, and apply Blood Plague with Plague Strike. In the case of Plague Strike, make sure that you use an Unholy rune for it, and not a Death rune (if need be, wait slightly for an Unholy rune to become available). Re-apply with 6 secs left.
  • Level 100 talents:
    • only viable option in this tier is Defile
  • Stats Priority:
    • Stat priority for Dual-Wielding playstyle:
  1. Strength;
  2. Mastery;
  3. Multistrike;
  4. Versatility;
  5. Haste;
  6. Critical Strike.
  • Stat priority for Two-Handed play style:
  1. Strength;
  2. Multistrike;
  3. Versatility;
  4. Mastery;
  5. Haste;
  6. Critical Strike.



  • Hotfixes: No hotfixes for Blood.
  • Rotation:


  1. Apply and maintain your diseases on the target
      • Initially, apply them with Outbreak.
      • After that, always refresh them with Blood Boil (thanks to Plaguebearer).
  1. Use your Death runes on Death Strike.
  2. Use your Blood runes on Blood Boil until the target is at or below 35% health, you should use your Blood runes on Soul Reaper (the goal being to use Soul Reaper on cooldown during this period).
  3. Use your runic power on Death Coil to generate threat and dump runic power.
  4. Use your Crimson Scourge procs (free Blood Boil or Death and Decay) as follows.
    1. Use Death and Decay if available and if the target will remain in the area of Death and Decay for the whole duration.
    2. If Death and Decay is on cooldown or the target is likely to move, use Blood Boil.
  • Level 100 talents:
    • Go to talent = Defile (replaced Death and Decay, reduces the amount of damage the target does to you). Breath of Sindragosa is highly situational (use on single boss encounters while off tanking),   Necrotic Plague is weak for DPS, but great for Runic Power. (Use on multi-target fights for spreading diseases.)
  • Stats Priority:
    • Survival
  1. Bonus Armor;
  2. Strength;
  3. Mastery;
  4. Versatility;
  5. Haste;
  6. Critical Strike.
  • DPS-oriented
  1. Bonus Armor;
  2. Strength;
  3. Mastery;
  4. Multistrike;
  5. Versatility;
  6. Haste;
  7. Critical Strike.



Warlords of Draenor Highmaul Raid Strats:


Trash Strat: Kar’garth’s trash is simple, kill the too adds then focus down the large add in the middle. The side adds put a damage reduction armor on the main add, you can see it being cast by the fire ball above their head and a line to the larger add. Large add spawns smaller molten elementals. Cleave down.


Boss: Kar’gath

Phase 1 – Avoid the Tiger Pits (Four around the room – will do massive amounts of dmg to you and knock you back up.) Avoid standing in green bile (Small circle/random target). Stand on the side of the boss, he will randomly do Berserker rush to a random target, doing tons of dmg to anyone in his path to them. If you get targeted by this, kite the boss thru on of the fire turrets and he will stop fixating on you. Fire Turrets spawn on the four metal skulls on the ground between the tiger pits. (Form a diamond.)

Phase 2 (Up Phase) – If you go up top, your goal is to kill as much trash as possible in the short period of time your up there. You get up top by being the closest 5 people to the boss when he is casting Chain Hurl. While up top, focus killing Bombers and Bileslingers. Death grip them to you without having to pull all the trash to get them. By killing the Bombers/Bileslingers, it reduces the amount of damage the raid takes from bombs/puddles. Note: when the Bombers die, they drop a bomb on the ground that blows up, and the Bileslingers stun everyone when they die.

Blood Tips: Use Rune Tap with Icebound fortitude  or Rune Tap with Vampiric Blood at the end of the Impale cast while learning the fight. You can’t mitigate the damage, so help your healers out. Also make sure to refresh bone shield right before it, and stack a nice blood shield also to help out.

Unholy/Frost Tips: Adds up top don’t seem to have a threat pool, so don’t pull too many of them, but try to Death Grip the Bombers/Bileslingers to the tank to help out.



Trash to Butcher Tips: Trash leading to the Butcher (when you turn right out of Kar’gaths room), isn’t too complicated. Interrupt the spell casters, and dps them down. But when you get to the Large Boars, avoid their charge. It was one shotting people on Heroic. The Boar moves its body and points the direction he’s going to charge. So it is avoidable. Bonus Tip: If your using personal loot, switch it to group loot/master looter or need/greed, higher chance of BOE Epics.


Boss: The Butcher

Phase 1: You will need 4 groups of people. One for tanks, two melee groups forming a triangle with the tanks, and one healer/ranged group. The boss will cleave the melee group with the most people. You do not want to go over 5 stacks of the Cleave debuff or it will kill you. 3-4 is recommended based on healers. Have two people from the ranged/healer group set up to step into one of the melee groups to offset the number and control the cleave. The ranged/healer group (not including the two floaters) will need to stack back up once the boss knocks everyone back in order to soak the Bounding Cleave (the won’t have an cleave stacks, so won’t die).

  • Unholy/Frost Tips: Stand and DPS the boss. He has a built in enrage timer, so DPS hard. Lust should be used at 30% so use CD’s early and often. For the most part, you probably won’t move around much during this fight, just soak the cleave ur suppose to soak.
  • Blood Tips: Use Rune Tap/Blood shield to avoid The Cleaver. The Tenderizer isn’t avoidable. Take 2-4 stacks of Tenderizer. All depends on healers.

Phase 2: Enrage Phase – 30% Burn. Make sure you start Soul Reaper spamming once he hits 35% for Blood/Frost, or 45% for Unholy.


Trash to Tectus Tips: The first few trash packs are easy, but when you get to Tectus’s room, thats where the trash gets interesting. There are three small Tectus adds waiting for you named Lokk, Rokka and Oro. Have the tanks separate Lokk and Rokka. And pull Oro to one of the too groups. Kill Oro first and then Lokk/Rokka. Stand in brown, move out of orange on the ground. Also applies to the boss.


Boss: Tectus

Phase 1: Major thing that DK’s need to watch out for are Crystal Barrage. It is hard to see on the ground so its hard to avoid at first. The boss casts a red cloud that will chase after a ranged/healer. It comes from the boss and moves towards them, they have to kite it away from the group. The Ranged/Healers will be stacked up near the outside edge of the room. Set up in advance which way the group is going to move. If the group is moving right to avoid Earthen Pillar (Large Circle on the group, spawns a huge rock pillar that blocks LOS), then the person with Crystal Barrage wants to move the opposite way (so left). So DK’s can stack on the right side of the boss to avoid having to deal with this mechanic, as long as they are ahead of the ranged/healer team. Save CD’s for Tectonic Upheaval. He will cast this once he hits 100% energy. If you don’t kill him, he gains 20% health back. Once he is dead, he splits into two smaller bosses that both have the same abilities. And its rinse and repeat. The main focus of this fight for DK’s is avoid standing in any type of swirl, or cloud or ground effect. During the first part of the fight, Tectus will spawn two adds: The Berserker and  Earthshapers. Kill the  Earthshapers first and face The Berserker away from the raid due to its nasty cleave.



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