It’s Time To Let It Go…

Over a year ago, the Frozen Nerdz podcast started as a Blizzard Entertainment and Steam Free to Play discussion podcast. Over the course of the year, we have carefully watched the analytic’s behind our show. Watching to see what things you, the listener, enjoy about our show. From funny titles to serious ones, from long three hour episodes to short and sweet ones, and the list goes on. The whole reason we are creating content is to bring entertainment to you the listener for free! But over the recent months it has become apparent to us that people have actually caught onto the whole reason we created the Frozen Nerdz podcast. And that’s because both Kilroy and myself, Epicinsanity, are have a strange obsession with the Disney movie Frozen.

It may come as a surprise to you as you read this, but in our hearts we know that it’s something we have to do. The Frozen Nerdz podcast is changing its focus and we are going to shift from a Blizzard Entertainment Podcast to a Disney Entertainment Podcast. In all reality, it’s just changing one word in our title for another.

But with that shift, we are going to have to shift the show around a little to reflect our changes, so here is an example of what our new show format will look like.


How was your week inside the Disney Universe?


Disney News – We will cover all the latest and greatest news coming out of the Disney Headquarters. From new movie releases to behind the scenes changes coming to Disneyland and Disney World.
Where Are They Today? – In this segment, we will cover where our favorite Disney stars are today. From Miley Cyrus to Brittney Spears and beyond!
Pixar and You – Here we will cover what it takes to becomes a Pixar star. It’s more than just beauty and pose, it takes full on dedication to become the best in Animation.
Old School Disney – We will discuss the Classic Disney films like Fantasia, Saludos Amigos, Fun and Fancy Free and more!
Live Action – Besides being the best thing on ice, here we will discuss all aspects of Live Action Disney from Broadway to Cruise ships!
The Mouse Hour – Each show will be wrapped up with Kilroy and Epicinsanity showing off their impersonation skills as they reenact scenes from their favorite Disney movies, shows and performances.

We know what you are thinking? What about the Starcade and the Community Creation segment?! Don’t worry, we would never forget about our favorite segments! The Starcade will be re-branded as the Disney Arcade where we play the latest and greatest in Disney video games. And the Community Creation will focus on the best Disney Cosplayers and YouTube content creators. Here are a few examples:

The Disney Arcade

Katie Cosplay’s as Elsa from Disney’s Frozen!

The reason we decided to make this shift from Blizzard to Disney is because our Number 1 Downloaded Episode off all time is our “Let It Go!” Episode.

Let it Go

We just want to take this time to thank everyone to has listened to us over the last 54 episodes and we hope you join us in this amazing journey! And if you are going to be in the Anaheim, California area November 6 & 7th, come hang out with these Nerdz at Disneyland!

New Logo:

Disney FN


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