IceBox Virtual Ticket Contest [Ended]

Edited – This contest has come to an end. Huge thank you to everyone that was involved in the making of an awesome contest. Keep an on eye on our website, and our Twitter account (@FrozeNerdz) for random giveaways.

Once again, huge congrats to Zack aka Sir Zacksalot for winning the contest! Enjoy your virtual ticket and your Blizzard Swag!


Here are all the details for the Frozen Nerdz IceBox Virtual Ticket Contest!

IceBox Virtual Ticket Contest:

Prize: One (1) Blizzard Funko POP! of your choice, One (1) Epic Purple Lanyard, One (1) Blizzard Logo T-Shirt in your size, and One (1) Virtual Ticket, One (1) or More Random Derailed items and more! (to be determined).

Dates: Tuesday, September 23rd to Tuesday, October 21st. North America Only.

How to enter: (1 point for each action)

  1. Follow Us on Twitter. Frozen Nerdz. Brownie points for following the hosts! (1 point)
  2. Retweet our Weekly Show post (Hashtag: #IBVT).  (1 point)
  3. Show up to a live show! (Attendance will be taken!) (1 point)
  4. Post on our Catalyst Gaming Media forums thread. (1 point)
  5. Share with us your favorite Frozen Nerdz memory. (1 point)
  6. Spread the word about Frozen Nerdz to your friends. (1 point per person)
  7. Take pictures & tweet us with the word FROZEN &  Nerdz. (1 point per photo)
  8. Bonus: Stick figure artwork. (1 point per artwork)

How to Win:

The more points you have the more times your name will be entered into the lottery! Example: Follow us on Twitter. 1 point = 1 lottery ticket. 1 point per action listed above. Retweets on the Weekly Show post will include the Hashtag: #IBVT, those will be the ONLY retweets that count. 1 point per new follower sent from your twitter account. 1 point per week of creative pictures, stick figure artwork, and more. Those people who attended the live show of Episode 28 already have an extra point.

Where You Can Find Us:

Twitter: @FrozeNerdz
Partner Network:
Personal Twitter: @KilroyKT, @Epic_Insanity

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