Episode 79 – “Deflated Keyboards”

Episode 79

Welcome to the Frozen Nerdz Podcast Episode 79 titled “Deflated Keyboards”

We are a your Blizzard Entertainment discussion podcast. The show you are about to hear was recorded on Sunday, October 4th, 2015. On this week’s show we are going to be talking about the UI changes coming to StarCraft, whats in development for Heroes of the Storm, and how we are going to stay busy until Legion’s release. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns for the show, feel free to e-mail us at IceBox@FrozeNerdz.com! But without further ado, sit back and relax and enjoy Episode 79 of the Frozen Nerdz Podcast!

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StarCraft News Banner

Legacy of the Void Short Story: Ascension

The latest installment of the story behind StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void  starting with “Ascension”, a grim yet revealing tale about the lives and pursuits of the Tal’Darim Protoss. Additional stories will be arriving in the coming weeks. 

The Legacy of the Void: Collector’s Edition is here! As you prepare your armada, make sure you do it in style with the LotV Collector’s Edition! This ultimate edition of the game features a wealth of goodies you won’t find anywhere else. 

New UI coming to StarCraft II

  • Overhauling the UI — Changing up the overall UI on Starcraft (Looks like Heroes).
  • A More Social Experience– More streamlined chat
  • More Chat Improvements — Easily navigate between channels, never missing any of the action.  
  • Benefits of Multiple Windows — pin chat without covering up the game.
  • Arcade Improvements — adding a Join (active games with active lobbies) and Browse (Look for new games) giving you the ability to learn around the game without navigating away. 

Heroes of the Storm News Banner

The business plan for Heroes of the Storm is to release new content to the Nexus every three weeks, so once again, we have a new In Development video which includes the following:

  • Lt. Morales
  • Artanis
  • Marshal Raynor and Themed Abilities
  • Buccaneer Falstad and Themed Abilities
  • Marshal’s Outrider Mount
  • Void Speeder Mount
  • Nexus Battle Beast Mount
  • Headless Horseman’s Charger Mount
  • Vulture Mount

Also, the Heroes team has release additional information about some of the basic changes coming to the Nexus!  Here is a quick overview of those changes:

  • Death Timers — Increasing early game death penalties. Making it more important to stay alive during early game.
  • Snowball Prevention — Stat changes as you level making early game more like late game making it less noticeable differences.
  • Help Test — PTR Is up. GO TEST!

Hearthstone News Banner

The September 2015 season has come to an end, and we have the October Season underway! Who’s ready for some haulin’ and brawlin’ good times!

World of Warcraft News Banner

This week’s World of Warcraft Discussion Topics:

a.) In-Game Shop Expands


  • Appearance Change—Change your character’s appearance, including their gender, face, skin color, hair color, hair style, and name as desired. Learn more about eligibility and restrictions for this service here.
  • Name Change—Change your character’s name to something a bit more them (or you). Learn more about eligibility and restrictions for this service here.
  • Race Change—Change your race to one within your same faction. Learn more about eligibility and restrictions for this service here.


b.) October 1st Patch Notes:

  • Kilrogg Deadeye
    • Kilrogg Deadeye’s Heart Seeker now deals damage and spawns globules only against the target of the ability on Normal Difficulty.
    • Significantly reduced the health of Blood Globule and Fel Blood Globule on Normal Difficulty.
  • Hellfire High Council
    • Reduced the damage of Dia Darkwhisper’s Wailing Horrors by 30% on Normal difficulty.
  • Gorefiend
    • Gorefiend no longer uses Shared Fate on Normal or Raid Finder difficulty.
    • Gorebound Construct’s Hunger for Life now only affects the fixated target on Normal difficulty.
  • Tyrant Velhari
    • Aura of Oppression in stage one and Aura of Contempt in stage two of the encounter now increases its effect over time more slowly on Normal difficulty.
  • Xhul’horac
    • Wild Pyromaniac’s Fel Orb no longer creates patches of Chaotic Felblaze if it fails to impact a player on Normal and Raid Finder difficulty.
    • Unstable Voidfiend’s Volatile Voidstep no longer spreads Creeping Void if the explosion contacts any players on Normal and Raid Finder difficulty.
  • Archimonde
    • Archimonde no longer uses Wrought Chaos on Normal or Raid Finder difficulty.
    • Nether Portals created by Nether Banish no longer summon Living Shadows on Normal or Raid Finder difficulty.

c.) What are you doing until Legion?!

BlizzCon News Banner

Don’t forget, the BlizzCon Virtual Tickets have gone on sale! If you aren’t able to make it to Anaheim, California for the actual event, you can still watch the event from the comfortable your own home! Pants are totally optional (Only available with the virtual ticket!!) To purchase a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket, head over to the BlizzCon launch page!

Blizzard Arcade Coverage Banner

Game: Death By Fantasy
Type: Survival Story Mode
Creator: Rut
Details: Can Raynor and his friends conquer the world of Fantasy?
StarCraft Link: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/262742
Final Rating (1-5): 5



Stupid funability (1-5):
Epic- 5
Kilroy- 5
Ease of Play (1-5):
Kilroy- 5
AI incorporated(1-5):
Epic- 3
Kilroy- 3
Replayability (1-5):
Epic- 5
Kilroy- 5

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