Episode 64 – “Root Beer Float”

Welcome to the Frozen Nerdz Podcast Episode 64 titled  Root Beer Float

We are a your Blizzard Entertainment and Steam Free to Play discussion podcast. Each week we discuss anything that falls in between or outside those two glaciers. From talking about the games you love, the worlds you live in, AND maybe even a few you haven’t even heard of yet. Join Kilroy and Epicinsanity each week as we sit down and discuss the topics no one else is talking about as we bring you new points of view in a not so standard podcast format.

The show was recorded on Sunday, June 7th, 2015. And was released on June 9th 2015.

On Today’s episode we quickly go over our weeks in video games, then we jump right into covering all of this week’s news inside the Blizzard Entertainment Universe covering Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo, Starcraft, and World of Warcraft news. Then we drop a basic campfire and start our World of Warcraft discussion! This week we have a top 10 list of “Why the Developer Q&A was rescheduled,” the lack of communication from developers, and expansion content comparison. But then before you know it, we are onto the StarCade! This week we cover a Blizzard Arcade Free to Play game called StarCraft Mods created by Carbot Animations! Then we take a look at another amazing Blizzard Community Creation! Then we move onto the Icebox answering a few listeners questions. If you have any questions, comments or concerns for the show, or want to join in on the conversation, feel free to email the show at IceBox@FrozeNerdz.com. Then we wrap up the show thanking those people who supported the show this week and then we say our weekly goodbyes. So sit back, relax and enjoy Episode 64 of the Frozen Nerdz Podcast.

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Here is our first Video called, How to Enter The Blizzard Arcade!

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Blizzard Entertainment News (June 1st – 8th, 2015):

The world of gaming is always changing so here is a heads up on what’s been happening this past week inside the Blizzard Universe. We highlight each one of these on the show, so if you want to learn more, just click on the link!


The Blizzard Arcade Team shows off the latest Arcade workshop by showing us the potential of the Starcade! This week they give us the Starcrafts Mod by Carbot Animations. To find out more about this game, listen to our Starcrade discussion, or check out this blog article!

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Heroes of the Storm

On Saturday, June 6th the Heroes of the Storm team had a live stream event took place Live on Youtube, were you able to watch it? To find out more about this event, check out the blog post!

Want to get the new Mechanospider mount inside the Nexus!? Use the Heroes of the Storm Team builder to unlock it! Check out this announcement, or go directly to the Teambuilder app here!

The latest Patch Notes for the Launch of Heroes are up and available over at the Battle.net page!

Want to get a good look into the creation of Johanna? Check out her introduction spotlight this week! 

You can also check out our YouTube videos we uploaded this last week! Subscribe at YouTube.com/FrozeNerdz

With the launch of Heroes of the Storm, the Hearthstone team wants to partake in the action by  releasing an awesome card back for reaching Ranked 12 inside Heroes! Check it out here!

Road to Blizzcon Tournament kicks off June 13th and to find out all the information you need about the events, check out this article!

Also this week there were conversations around the community as they show off Ranked play. Join the conversation here.

A few items have returned to the in game shop for Heroes such as the Jania Holiday bundle, and a few exclusive mounts! Check out those items here!


The Hearthstone Team wants to join in on the cash shop options by adding a new hero model for the warrior class Magni Bronzebeard! Check out the whole article here! 

Also this week. a few Hearthstone TV spots were revealed in hilarious fashion! Check them out here!

Also the month of June Ranked Play shows off a new night elf style card back make it yours by achieving rank 20. Check out this preview!


It’s that time of the month again, time to vote for your favorite Play Your Way Thursday Build. Vote for your favorite here! 

World of Warcraft

Unfortunately, the Live interview with Ion Hazzikostas and Josh Allen was postponed for June 13th at 2 PM PST. Submit your questions, or find out more information about this event by reading this article!

Also this week, the Community Managers gave a large preview of Hellfire Citadel is up for your reading pleasure!

To claim your new Heroes of the Storm mount and in-game Warcraft pet by reaching level 20 inside of Heroes of the Storm.

There is also a Patch 6.2 PVP gear and Ashran preview is up. You can check it out here!

Also there were a few Patch 6.2 updates that happened on June 2nd. Check it out here!   

We also released two World of Warcraft YouTube videos this past week, check them out here:

Epic reads “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss.

World of Warcraft Runesaber Parody

World of Warcraft Discussion:

Each week we discuss topics that are current or helpful to the player community of the World of Warcraft. This week’s topics are as follows:

This week, we present the Frozen Nerdz Top 10 list why the Warcraft Developer Q&A was rescheduled….

10.) The Warcraft developers were challenged to a game of Shoots & Ladders by the Hearthstone Team.
9.) Community Manager Lore had to reschedule to wash his hair.
8.) The new Blizzard Gear store Pepe mugs haven’t come in yet & they wanted to show them off.
7.) The Developers were too busy trying to get their Master Skins on their favorite Heroes of the Storm hero.
6.) The Developers still haven’t beat all the Heroic Boss in Hearthstone: Curse of Naxaramas.
5.) Everyone decided to go to hellfest and forgot to leave the home office manned
4.) The Developers were still trying to figure out how to finish the Heroes of the Storm tutorial.
3.) They were too busy running back to Stormwind after dying taking their selfie for the selfie scavenger hunt.
2.)The british pubs from the Heroes of the storm launch left everyone with massive hangovers.
1.) *To get number 1, you have to listen to the show*

2 .) Has there been a communication breakdown from the Warcraft Developers compared to previous expansions?

3.) Content comparison by expansion

Content Comparison

via SRSGaming.

The Blizzard Arcade (The StarCade):

Each week we pick a game from the endless library of the Blizzard Arcade to test them out and help the listeners find some awesome stupidly fun games.

This Week’s Game:   Starcrafts  Mods 1.3
Type:  Mod SC2
Creator: Carbot Animations
Details: Carbot Animations has been creating StarCrafts episodes for almost 3 years now! We love the Starcraft community and have been very lucky to have received such positive responses from our cartoons for the past 3 years! You guys are awesome! And so, after many requests and comments and begging, we are finally taking the cartoon style animation and reskinning it into the Starcraft 2 game! Everything from a tree to a battlecruiser, buildings, landscapes, doodads (props), ect, everything! The mod will be custom game in the arcade, with a series of different maps to play against and with your friends. It is not accessible as a skin on the Starcraft 2 ladder, but maybe one day this dream could come true (BLIZZARD PLZ). The Starcrafts Mod will be accessible in the Starcrafts arcade for free!

Stupid Funability:

Epic – 5
Kilroy – 5
Overall Score – 5

Ease of Play:

Epic – 5
Kilroy – 5
Overall Score – 5


Epic – 5
Kilroy – 5
Overall Score – 5

Overall Score – Without AI, 5 out of 5!

General Blizzard Games Topics

Our focus here at Frozen Nerdz is to discuss all things Blizzard Entertainment and on occasion some interesting topics on other games in their family come up.

Hearthstone: New Hero skins cost 9.99 is that a bit too steep?

Community Creation:

Each week the frozen nerdz dig into the community of Blizzard gamers to grab a community creation to share with the listeners from Youtube Videos to Drawings we hope you enjoy this weeks Community Spotlight.

Title: Hots
Creator:  Phmzone

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