Episode 209 – “‘Cause This is Thriller”

Welcome to the Frozen Nerdz Podcast Episode 209 called “‘Cause This is Thriller.” We are your Blizzard Entertainment discussion podcast. The show you are about to hear was recorded on Sunday, June 3rd, 2018.

On this week’s show, we quickly go over our past weeks in video games before we move onto talking about the Blizzard Arcade and DitchCon 2018 before moving onto our Blizzard Entertainment discussion. This week we start off talking about the Overwatch League finals, tournament sites, the zerg rush at Dreamhack Austin, the Diablo team speaks out, Hearthstone’s latest card back, suspensions in the HGC, Overwatch celebrates Pride Month, and then we move onto talking about World of Warcraft. This week we talk about the upcoming World of Warcraft Global MDI, and changes coming to the guild UI in Battle for Azeroth.

And then before you know it, it’s time for us to say our weekly goodbyes.

And then for our Patrons on Frozen Nerdz After Dark, we talk about the gambling in esports, communication from Blizzard, and much much more.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns for the show, feel free to contact us via email at IceBox@FrozeNerdz.com. But without further ado, sit back relax and enjoy Episode 209 of the Frozen Nerdz Podcast!

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Help make DitchCon 2018 possible! If you aren’t familar with it, DitchCon is the one true PARTY before BlizzCon, we are talking DJ playing the best music, bartenders serving the best drinks, and nerds as far as the eye can see! We talked about it on the show, but we want to make sure you have all the official information and the links needed to make it happen!

For more information about DitchCon 2018, check out their website.
To help support the event, check out their Kickstarter!

With Overwatch League being the hottest thing since sliced bread when it comes to esports, it doesn’t come as any surprise when the finals sold out after just a short time! The Inaugural Season of Overwatch League finals will be taking place at the Barclays Center in New York City where 20,000 fans will fill the stadium to cheer on the best in the Overwatch League. It’s definitely an exciting time for Blizzard esports and Overwatch as a whole. So make sure you tune in on July 27–28 for the finals! For more information about the finals, check out the press release. 

Amateur players are always looking for a chance to break onto the competitive scene and make a name for themselves. And most of them will take any chance they can to make a little money along the way. And recently, one of the tournament websites that gave players a chance at paid competition decided to close it’s doors. But it did so without paying out the money it owed players. Should sites this be allowed to function and should Blizzard implement something like this for themselves that gives players a chance to fund they journey to the top? Find out more about our thoughts on this topic on the show!

Finally a WCS tournament has come back to the States! And this time in typical StarCraft fashion Dreamhack Austin was swarmed with Zerg players trying to take home the championship, and the ever elusive WCS points. But, the community had some questions about WHY there were so many Zerg players (almost double) than Protoss or Terran? Does that mean Zerg needs to be balanced better to prevent this from happening again, or is this just time for the Zerg to shine?! Find out our feelings on the topic on this week’s show!

It’s happened! The Diablo team has spoken up about something being worked on in the background. Maybe they decided to say something since the players of Sanctuary were starting to get as restless as the demons. But communication is good and we appreciate it. But what will be next for Diablo?

The latest card back has been revealed for the month of June and it seems to be beaming with arcane energy. But what does that mean!? It means we are getting an awesome Blue Dragonflight inspired card back and maybe a tease at whats to come in the Year of the Raven! We’ve talked about it before, but this points at towards a new Hearthstone expansion possibly being on the horizon here shortly. So make sure you put on your tinfoil hats before listening to this episode!

It’s happened before, but now the Heroes of the Storm esports team and Blizzard are taking a stand against it. And this time Relic from the Korean Team GLuck has been suspended for trying to poach players from other teams! Relic will be suspended from the Heroes Global Championship (HGC) for one year, fined USD $1,500, and must give up his ownership of the team. Is this a step in the right direction for Heroes esports? Find out our thoughts on the topic on this week’s show.

With June being Pride Month, it comes at no surprise that Blizzard and Overwatch would be participating in the celebration of diversity! And this year, they will be hosting Pride Day at the Blizzard Arena in Burbank, CA on Saturday, June 9th! And want some better news? They are also going to be hosting Pride Day celebration parties around the world in places like Houston, TX, New York City, NY, Seattle, WA, and London, England! To find out more about the celebration, check out the press release! 

Have you ever wanted to see MORE of the maps you can play in Overwatch? Nows your chance! One user recorded a video showing off the range of the maps and how detailed Blizzard went when creating this maps within the Overwatch Universe. Check it out here! 

This week we discussion the following topics about World of Warcraft:

1.) The MDI Global Finals begin June 22nd
2.) Changes coming to the Guild UI in Battle for Azeroth

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