Episode 152 – “One with the Universe”

Welcome to the Frozen Nerdz Podcast Episode 152 called “One with the Universe.” We are your Blizzard Entertainment discussion podcast. The show you are about to hear was recorded on Sunday, April 9th, 2017.

On this week’s show, we quickly go over our past week in video games before we move onto our Top 5 Saltiest Universe ticket list of the week! Then we move onto our Blizzard Entertainment discussion where we talk about StarCraft Deepmind AI, a new champion was crowned in Heroes of the Dorm, a Hearthstone exploit for the ages, the Necromancer is coming soon™, a new Overwatch comic and a leaked upcoming event then we move onto our World of Warcraft discussion. This week we talk about changes made to achieve flying in Legion, and then we talk about our BlizzCon ticket purchasing experience and our problems with it.

But before we go, we have another amazing Blizzard Arcade game to talk about. And then we say our weekly good byes.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns for the show, feel free to contact us via email at IceBox@FrozeNerdz.com. But without further ado, sit back relax and enjoy Episode 152 of the Frozen Nerdz Podcast!

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Each and every week we scour news articles and Blue posts looking for this week’s Top 5 list! This week our Top 5 List comes from the ticket purchasing site Universe.

Top 5 Saltiest Universe Users

5.)How exactly are humans supposed to be able to buy tickets for this? We can’t compete with ebay scalper bots when the very instant tickets are for sale they’re already gone.
4.)I feel like if you get into the line and are ready to put in information, YOU GET A TICKET.
3.)For all the issues Eventbrite had, at least when you got to enter in your info, you had 15 minutes to do so. If Universe had this system, it would be even better.
2.)Sold out in 6min…. and this time they took down the ability to buy a ticket from the universe app… gg. 🙁
1.) *To hear #1, listen to this week’s episode!*

All of the General admission tickets for BlizzCon 2017 have come and gone in record time. In under 10 minutes, all the tickets have been sold, but the community is not happy with the changes they have been made to the ticket process, or the ticket process in general. On this weeks show, we talk about the changes that could be made in order to actually improve the system, but first we reach out to our community to help us with this week’s IceBox Twitter poll!

If you are attending BlizzCon, LET US KNOW! We’d love to meet you, shake your hand, hug you, or dance in the pale moonlight with you.

At BlizzCon 2016, the StarCraft team announced that they would be working together with Google Deepmind in order to create a more advanced Artificial Intelligence by using information taken for playing StarCraft. This past week it was announced a team from China’s Alibaba has published a paper describing a system they have created that will increase it’s overall success with creating this awesome AI. You can find out more about their research here! 

Heroes of the Storm News Banner

Thousands of college teams signed up for Heroes of the Dorm, but only one could be crowned champion. This past week in Vegas, the University of Texas – Arlington Marvicks went 29 – 0 in order to secure the championship. They locked in and received college tuition, and bragging rights across the Heroes of the Storm world! You can hear more about their story here! 

Last week the new Hearthstone expansion, Journey to Un’goro, was released. And already there has been an exploit that was discovered while YouTube/Twitch streamer Disguised Toast discovered that you could skip your opponent’s turn with infinite Shadow Visions card play. Thankfully this exploit was caught by a top end streamer, so that hopefully it will be corrected soon! You can check it out here.

We have been waiting since November 2016 for the Necromancer patch to be announced, and the wait is almost over! This past week, the Diablo team came out to let us know that the Necromancer Beta is almost upon us! And since it is paid content, it will have a beta instead of a PTR test, so if you are interested in checking out the latest content, make sure you are signed up for Diablo betas! You can find more out about the Necromancer and the beta here! 

Overwatch News Banner

The Overwatch world was busy this past week, not only did Lunatic-Hai win the Overwatch APEX Season 2 finals in the first ever Blizzard estadium in Taiwan. But it was announced that Overwatch shout-casters MonteCristo and DoA will be departing South Korea to cast Blizzard’s Overwatch League in the United States. This is a huge move in the direction that Overwatch esports will be taking. And its more news about the Overwatch League! Find out more on ESPN here!

This past week, Overwatch announced another digital comic called, “Uprising.” This comic is set in the time before most of the Overwatch crisis. It shows the introduction to Tracer, and more about the organization in the beginning. You can check out the comic here!

It appears that there is an upcoming announcement that will be releasing more skins related to the comic coming on April 11th, 2017. It’s been leaked on Xbox Live and Playstation already. You can see some of the teased skins here.


World of Warcraft News Banner

This week we discussion the following topics about World of Warcraft:

1.) This past week the Legion Assaults started and changes were made to the Pathfinder 2.0 achievement for flying. Check it out here.

It’s that time of the year again when we hear about what’s next for the Rock the Cabinet contest. This year brings a whole new concept by it being based around Co-op missions! Like previous years, creators will have the chance to walk away with $10,000 USD, tickets to a future BlizzCon, and a chance to sit down and have a developer jam session with Blizzard themselves! If you are a Blizzard Arcade creator, take the time to read over the full details of the contest, and we will see you inside the StarCrade!

Each week we pick a game from the endless library of the Blizzard Arcade to test them out and help the listeners find some awesome stupidly fun games.

Game: You Are what you Eat v0.33
Type: Co-Op Command
Creator: Gastu
Details: Abathur has created a new zerg type called the consumalisc, it is your job as the commander in this map to protect this creature as it grows in strength traveling across the map consuming amons forces to gain strength. Very challenging and sets off at a very fast pace.  You are given some building percs at the beginning like a 200 resource pool to start so you can get right into creating troops as you need.  It is important to work with your partner to keep your base and the consumalisc safe.  Overall a solid co-op game and has almost all the aspects that make the current co-op commander missions fun.  However you have to play with people because your AI team mate wont help you.

Final Rating (1-5): 3.5

Stupid funability (1-5):

Epic – 4
Kilroy – 4

Ease of Play (1-5):

Epic – 5
Kilroy – 5

AI incorporated(1-5):

Epic – 1
Kilroy – 1

Replayability (1-5):

Epic – 4
Kilroy – 4

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