Episode 150 Celebration Coming!

Hiya Nerdz!

As many of you know, we have been creating Frozen Nerdz for over three years and it’s been one crazy ride. This coming week, we will be sitting down to record episode 150. When we recorded episode 100, people suggested we do something fun for our next milestone. So we want to do something awesome WITH you this coming week when we record.

On Saturday, March 25th, 2017 we will be recording Episode 150 live on Twitch.tv/frozenerdz! It’s not often that we do live shows, so we want this one to be super special for you our listeners. We haven’t selected a time just yet, but it will be sometime in the evening that day.

Once the show is recorded, we will be inviting LMFAO and Lil’ Jon into our Skype call, and we will be partaking in some adult beverages (in small glasses and quickly consumed), and then playing Overwatch together with our viewers.

We have decided against recording a drunken live show like a lot of people have suggested because we pride ourselves in keep our “clean” tag on iTunes. But once the recorders have stopped, we can’t promise that we will stay PG-13 for the rest of the live stream. Once the liquor starts flowing, we both turn into sailors. And we can’t control what we say.

Highlights from the Live Stream will be edited and added to the end of the episode to show everyone the fun that they missed. And depending on the level of game play/comedy for the livestream, it may be turned into a YouTube video for your viewing pleasure.

But we want YOU to be part of our 150 episode. So consider coming out to the live show. Finalized time and date will be published on our Twitter account (@FrozeNerdz) and this article will be updated to match.

If you have a special love note, voice mail, or anything you want to share with us for Episode 150 you can fill out the form below, or send them to us via DropBox here!  They will be read or played at the end of the show!

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