Episode 126 – “Casually Walking Hardcore”


Welcome to the Frozen Nerdz Podcast Episode 126 titled “Casually Walking Hardcore.” We are your Blizzard Entertainment discussion podcast. The show you are about to hear was recorded on Sunday, October 2nd, 2016.

On this week’s show, we start off the show with another one of our Top 5  saltiest lists, and then we jump into our Blizzard Entertainment discussion. This week we start off by talking about the upcoming MMR changes coming to StarCraft II, then we talk about a new Hero and map in the Nexus then we discuss Twitch Prime and it’s effect on Hearthstone, then we move onto talking about Overwatch and professionalism in eSports! But that’s not even the start of it, then we jump right into our World of Warcraft discussion where we discuss the release of the Warcraft movie in stores, the world first Mythic race, and then we discuss the state of Raid Finder in Legion.

Then we move onto playing another amazing Blizzard Arcade game. But we before we go, we discuss a listener email and talk about this past week’s IceBox Twitter poll!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns for the show, feel free to contact us via email at IceBox@FrozeNerdz.com. But without further ado, sit back relax and enjoy Episode 126 of the Frozen Nerdz Podcast!

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Our Weekly Top 5:

Top 5 Saltiest LFR questers

5.)Well, looks like i’m gonna have to go on pre-made for hours on end waiting for someone to actually let me in the raid
4.)If it ends up that I can’t complete my quests I’ll just unsub until Blizz fixes it. But I’m not there yet so not really looking forward to this.
3.)Honestly pretty craptastic. It also pretty much verifies the raid-or-get out focus of this expansion.
2.)Blizzard is working to make legion THE MOST Alt unfriendly expansion, and the most casual unfriendly.
1.) *You’ll have to listen to Episode 126 to hear #1*

StarCraft News Banner

With the StarCraft Patch 3.7 on the horizon, there are some changes coming to the Grand Master rankings as well as some changes to how the ranking system works. Currently, players are only required to play 10 games every 3 weeks in order to keep their Grand Master status, but with the new patch they will be required to play 30 matches within 3 weeks in order to keep their rank active. But with these changes, they are also opening up the fact that players are able to get grandmaster (or separate rankings) with each different faction. So if you are the best of the best in StarCraft II as Terran, you can also prove that you are amazing by also rolling as Zerg or Protoss… or both! If you want to hear more about these changes, check out this article here! 

Heroes of the Storm News Banner

Another week and another update to the Nexus! This week, not only do we get the latest Overwatch hero Zarya, but we also get the new map called Warhead Junction! This new map requires players to collect nuclear bombs scattered throughout the map and using them to destroy the enemy’s base! This new map could change the way that esports has to handle the different characters that are great at roaming. If you want to learn more about this new map and awesome here, check out this article here!

Hearthstone News Banner

This past weekend Twitch.tv hosted its second TwitchCon in San Deigo, California! Streamers from all over the globe traveled to sunny southern California to meet up, learn more about becoming a successful streamer and what it takes to take the next step! But you may be asking yourself, “But Nerdz, what’s this have to do with Blizzard Entertainment!?” Well, Blizzard ranks in the top percent of games played on Twitch. And at TwitchCon, Twitch announced it’s new service called Twitch Prime! Over a year ago, Twitch was purchased by Amazon, and this is the first time we have seen a joint promotion between the two companies. Twitch Prime is included in your Amazon Prime subscription ($99.99 per year) and all you have to do is link your Twitch account with your Amazon Prime account. But you also get awesome new sweet in-game items for games like Hearthstone and Smite, as well as the ability to back one of your favorite streamers by giving them a free subscriber that is included in your Twitch Prime! Oh, and you will also get an AD FREE experience!

So for just linking your Twitch account with your Amazon Prime account, they are going to give you the Tyrande Priest hero as well as a special Hearthstone Cardback! Check out everything about Twitch Prime here! 

Overwatch News Banner

This past week an Overwatch Tournament was streamed on TBS… yes, that is correct that TBS! With this event, eSports has gotten more attention for everyday TV watchers. And it has a lot of people watching eSports closely. On this week’s show, we discuss the importance of professionalism in eSports as well as the need to more organization similar to watch we see with other professional sports like the NFL, NBA, etc. Interested in hearing our opinion on it, check out this episode!

World of Warcraft News Banner

This week’s World of Warcraft discussion topics:

1.) The Warcraft movie released DVD/Bluray on Septemeber 27th!
2.) The Mythic World Race only lasts 18 hours… Congrats to Exorsus! 
3.) Raid Finder and it’s place in Legion.

Blizzard Arcade Coverage Banner

Each week we pick a game from the endless library of the Blizzard Arcade to test them out and help the listeners find some awesome stupidly fun games.

Game:  Hired Gun Sepelation Cave v0.16
Type: Hero Survival
Creator: Mayhemp
Details: This is a game that is automatically player vs AI, the player can choose to team up with 8 individuals to overcome obstacles and an increasing Zerg presence that will also increase in difficulty as the game goes on, navigate your way through the maze of the cave to collect various bounties that will make it possible to upgrade your hero’s and their hired guns.  Part of this game requires that you pick up troops along the way to assist in making your task easier.  Some mobs will actually drop upgrade items and things that your hired guns will need similar to the diablo loot system except with more follower loot slots.  Overall this game was fun and developed an increased challenge as the game went on which is a very fun and refreshing for this type of “survival” style game. Should make a note that adding AI players into your party will not yield any results as there is no player side AI.  That said we definitely believe that this game is worth playing and if the first few attempts at it don’t make you a complete winner that is absolutely OK it does take a little bit longer to figure out exactly what it is you are supposed to be doing.

Final Rating (1-5): 4.25

Stupid funability (1-5):

Epic – 5
Kilroy – 5

Ease of Play (1-5)

Epic – 4
Kilroy – 4

AI incorporated(1-5):

Epic – 3
Kilroy – 3

Replayability (1-5):

Epic – 5
Kilroy – 5

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