Episode 118 – “General Surgeon Announcement”

Episode 118

Welcome to the Frozen Nerdz Podcast Episode 118 titled “General Surgeon Announcement.” We are your Blizzard Entertainment discussion podcast. The show you are about to hear was recorded on Sunday, July 31st, 2016.

On this week’s show, we start off with our Top 5 saltiest Soon to be Demon Hunter’s list before we jump into our Blizzard Entertainment discussion. This week we discuss the fan created StarCraft Universe RPG, another archangel enters the Nexus, Hearthstone is throwing a huge party in Karazhan and your invited, Diablo makes things even more difficult, and what country controls the fate of Overwatch eSports. Then we move onto our World of Warcraft discussion where we talk about the latest Harbringer video, why August 9th is an important date, and then we recap the Demon Hunter Q&A!

Then we introduce a new Blizzard Arcade game, answer a listener email, then we wrap up the show by saying our weekly goodbyes.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns for the show, feel free to contact us via email at IceBox@FrozeNerdz.com. But without further ado, sit back relax and enjoy Episode 118 of the Frozen Nerdz Podcast!

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The Frozen Nerdz Weekly Top 5

Our Top 5 Demon Hunter Comments

5.) Well once Demon Hunters hit this game will go to pot.
4.) I now have my DH name reserved, Duntard.
3.) Why is this here? To get a Demon Hunter, you need a level 70 character. You also need Legion. Legion gives you a level 100 boost.
2.)Kek has been around for a decade now, that is all the cross chat I need
1.) *You will have to listen to Episode 118 to find out!*

StarCraft News Banner

StarCraft is one of the few games on the market that encourages it’s player base to use its API to create some amazing games, it’s what we talk about the Blizzard Arcade each and every week on the show. With over 1000s of creators and ever more games, it comes at no surprise that one amazing group of creators took it upon themselves to try to create the most amazing Blizzard Arcade game ever, the StarCraft Universe. We have previously talked about this on the show, as well we had a chance to talk with the creators at BlizzCon 2014. This game started out as a MMO, but has turned into a RPG. Basically it’s a mash up between Diablo and World of Warcraft, but with a StarCraft appearance! But don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself! And we will be covering it in our StarCade segments in the next coming week’s so you won’t want to miss the show!

Heroes of the Storm News Banner

Another Archangel is entering the Nexus very soon, and you can learn more about Auriel in this short video clip. How will this new support change the current meta inside Heroes of the Storm!?

Hearthstone News Banner

This past week at ChinaJoy (think E3 or GamesCom, but in China), the Hearthstone team announced it’s newest adventure coming to Hearthstone. They are throwing a huge party inside Karazhan, and you are invited to attend! The next expansion will take a look at the life of Medivh while he was one of Azeroth’s most eligible bachelors! You can check out everything you want to know about “One Night in Karazhan” here! 

Diablo News Banner

With its next patch on the horizon, Diablo is getting ready to bring new levels of torment to Sanctuary! Check out the recap here! 

Overwatch News Banner

When it comes to eSports, North America is not one of the countries who sets the trend. From the beginning with StarCraft Brood Wars to League of Legends, South Korea has always been paving the way for the latest in eSports. With the recent success of Overwatch, it is no surprise that it has quickly moved into the number one spot within Korean eSports! But where does North America stand in the current state of eSports? And what can we do as a country to improve eSports here? Check out this Redbull eSports article all about the rise of Korean eSports! 

World of Warcraft News Banner

This week’s World of Warcraft discussion topics:

1.) Harbingers: Khadgar is here! Watch it here! 
2.) The World of Warcraft forums got a facelift.  Check them out here!
3.) Chinese Legion Trailer. Check it out here.
4.) Demon Hunters playable August 9th for those who preordered Legion. Details.
5.) Demon Hunter Q&A Recap. Details. 

Blizzard Arcade Coverage Banner

Each week we pick a game from the endless library of the Blizzard Arcade to test them out and help the listeners find some awesome stupidly fun games.

Game: Kodo Tag (Awakening) 1.5
Type: Tag
Creator: eatshumans
Details: Kodo Tag, (Awakening) is based off of the classic WC3 game “Kodo Tag X-treme” if you loved that game, You’ll love this one too! Run for your lives! And escape the raging Kodo’s.  Build Mazes! Don’t Bunker!

Final Rating (1-5): 3.6

Stupid funability (1-5):

Epic – 3
Kilroy – 4

Ease of Play (1-5)

Epic – 3
Kilroy – 4

AI incorporated(1-5):

Epic – 3
Kilroy – 3

Replayability (1-5):

Epic – 5
Kilroy – 4

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