Episode 109 – “Adult Entertainment”

Episode 109

Welcome to the Frozen Nerdz Podcast Episode 109 entitled “Adult Entertainment.”

We are your Blizzard Entertainment discussion podcast. The show you are about to hear was recorded on Sunday, May 29nd, 2016.

On this week’s show we share our Top 5 Warcraft movie reviews, then move onto our Blizzard Entertainment discussion. This week we talk about the Heroes of the Storm birthday, host a Hearthstone qualifier, Blizzard attempts to keep the Overwatch brand clean and family friendly, Game of the Year discussion, and website stats, then we move onto our World of Warcraft discussion. This week in Warcraft we discuss the upcoming gold inflation in Legion, critics reviews of the Warcraft movie, and then onto discussing the PVP Watercooler.

Then we introduce a new Blizzard Arcade game and answer some listener questions in our IceBox Segment, then we wrap up the show by saying our weekly goodbyes.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns for the show, feel free to contact us via email at IceBox@FrozeNerdz.com. But without further ado, sit back relax and enjoy Episode 109 of the Frozen Nerdz Podcast!

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Our Weekly Top 5

Top 5 Nice Warcraft movie Reviews

5.)It has plenty of faults, but Warcraft: The Beginning largely achieves what it sets out to do.
4.)A flawed but likable adventure that I would happily go on again, preferably as a double feature with The Beastmaster, Legend or Ladyhawke.
3.) If you like the cinematics that they make and if you like LOTR like me and fantasy, you will absolutely love this movie.
2.) Dramatically and technically, Warcraft gives the concept of “hybrid” new punch.
1.) *You have to listen to Episode 109 to find out!*



Heroes of the Storm News Banner

It seems like longer, but we have officially spent a year inside the Nexus! Heroes of the Storm turns One this week! And with that in typical Blizzard fashion, they are giving back to the community with a celebration. If you play Heroes of the Storm between June 2 – 14th, you will receive a 50% XP buff, as well as a portrait, and the chance to buy a special Celebration bundle! Check out the details here! 

Hearthstone News Banner

Do you think you have what it takes to play in the Summer Hearthstone Qualifier!? Now is your chance! If you host a summer Fireside Gathering you could get your chance to compete! Check out the details here, but you better hurry. Time is running out!  

Overwatch News Banner

With the release of Overwatch, there has been an influx in searches for Overwatch on adult entertainment websites, and Blizzard is taking steps to shut it down. They want to make sure they keep their name and their brand clean, check out this Polygon article here.

Overwatch has  been out for 1 week and there are already rumors about it chugging forward to Game of the Year without anyone standing in its way. Do you think it has what it takes to be a Game of the Year contender? Check out this Review Roundup here.

And with the launch of Overwatch has come a few different Overwatch Stats and ranking websites that started popping up over the weekend. As much as these sites are great for growing as a player, are they already being used as a way to harass other players? This week on the show, we discuss just that!

World of Warcraft News Banner

This week’s World of Warcraft discussion topics:

1.) Gold inflation in Legion has reached a new level, so much so the gold cap has been increased to 10 mil. Details here.

2.) Warcraft movie reviews and more!

3.) A new Dev watercooler is out regarding PVP in Legion. Details here!

Blizzard Arcade Coverage Banner

Each week we pick a game from the endless library of the Blizzard Arcade to test them out and help the listeners find some awesome stupidly fun games.

Game: Tempo Wars v0.9
Type: Strategy
Creator: Lithe
Details: Draft your deck of units and spells and take down the enemy opponent 50+ cards to choose from! Just like Clash Royale.

Final Rating (1-5): 3.125

Stupid funability (1-5):

Epic – 3
Kilroy – 4

Ease of Play (1-5)

Epic – 5
Kilroy – 5

AI incorporated(1-5):

Epic – 1
Kilroy – 1

Replayability (1-5):

Epic – 3
Kilroy – 3

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