Episode 10 – "Rock the Cabinet"

Welcome To Frozen Nerdz Episode 10!

The Frozen Nerdz is a podcast that covers all Blizzard Entertainment and Steam games, but today we have a very special episode. In Episode 10, we are taking some time to Rock the Cabinet inside the Blizzard Arcade and bring your attention to some fantastic community created games within the StarCraft Universe, or as we at the Frozen Nerdz like to call it… The Starcade!

The “Rock the Cabinet” is the first Arcade contest that Blizzard has announced since the Blizzard Arcade has gone free to play. Blizzard is calling all game creators to “wow us with the most amazing Arcade games ever made using the StarCraft II Map Editor and Art Tools, and we’ll award over fifteen thousand dollars and other amazing perks to the winning entries. If you’ve always wanted to create your own game, this contest is for you!” To find out all the details about the “Rock the Cabinet” click here.

For those wondering about the Blizzard Arcade is here is some more information about it here.

As of April 8th, there were 24 games that have entered to be considered for the ultimate  prizes. When we were told about the Rock the Cabinet Contest, we noticed that there were a pretty large list of games. Not being able to pick which ones we actually wanted to cover, we decided to just play them all!  So here is the list of the games, just click their titles for  links to their forums and descriptions.

Category: Arena

Author: IShadowWolf
Description: Players fight with their heroes to defend their base and destroy their opponents!
Players: 6

Battle for the Future II
Description: Three warring factions came together to battle for the city federation!
Players: 3

Hungry Hungry Arena
Author: Fenlkz
Description: Run away or be eaten by Demon.
Players: 6

Myne (You Thought I could only Mine)
Description: None given by Author.
Players: 4

Unreal Arena
Author: Fulla
Description: A top down shooter. Choose a gun and buy some gadgets. Capture the enemy flag and score more than the enemy team in 15 mins to win. Capture the flag.
Players: 12

Category: Tower Defense

Author: Batomys
Description: Defend your capital ship from attackers by constructing defensive turrets, garrisoning shipboard infantry and launching attack squadrons. A choose-your-own adventure game with many different paths and ways to play.
Players: 4

Author: Disabled
Description: A Squadron TD inspired map which includes a Tug of War Concept, extra ways of summoning and tons of different upgrades. Much more difficult than squad with none of the down time.
Players: 6

Category: Strategy

ES Tactics (formerly Elite Agents)
Description: Game play focuses on making interesting decisions and involves taking turns.
Players: 6

Escape Zerg!
Description: Stay on path and don’t touch the enemies.
Players: 5

Author: MarkM ocherad
Description: None given by Author.
Players: 4

Evo – Evolution
Author: Zeteo
Description: Evolve up the food chain in competition with others players and A.I.
Players: 8

The Beginning 
Description: “God Game based on Populous 3. Play as a shaman leading your tribe to victory using powerful spells and by training a diverse army.
Players: 4

Category: Other

SC2 Frenzy 
Description: A game where armies use skill and strategy to defeat one another in epic combat.
Players: 8

WAH (Warcraft RTS Game)
Author: StevenLuo
Description: Warcraft, Horde and Alliance. Like Warcraft III players collect gold, build bases and train army to defeat enemies.
Players: 8 (depending on map)

Author: Xyrophonium
Description: In the year 5014, Rise up, people from the High Intellectual Vakalonien. Expand your knowledge from the last 3000 years. Play with friends against the Extrem Kl and show Vakaloien, that you are the Rescuer of this City. Reach the dominion about this City and you will Survive.
Players: 6

Author: Demo
Description: Battle your friends in this in-depth turn based tactics game!
Players: 2

Star Bar
Author: Miles
Description: Your dear old Uncle Buck has kicked the bucket and left you the deed to his run down bar out in the middle of nowhere on Mar Sara. It’s up to you to turn this wasteland into an oasis and transform your hole in the wall to a keystone of the sector!
Players: 4

The Trident
Author: IIIIIIIIIIIIplakron
Description: Destroy enemy’s warp towers.
Player: 6

Author: skc
Description: Every play has one sheep. The goal is to kill the others players sheep. The problem… there are 200 neutral sheep that look like your enemies sheep.
Players: 10

Category: Survival

Omega Squad
Author: Kildare
Description: Survive as long as possible.
Players: 12

Infestation Installation (In Arcade as:  InfestationPUBLICTEST)
Author: Puffball
Description: You and up to five other players have entered a ruined Dominion Research Facility. FIght for your lives and see how many rounds and bosses you can survive in this First Person Shooter.
Players: 6

Category: Hero Battle

Author: Aphotic
Description: Epic Players verses player battles.
Players: 14

Category: Action

Hunter Trapper
Author: Skylz
Description: The hunter team seeks to eliminate the trappers, who seek to eliminate  the hunters with traps.
Players: 14

Category: RPG

Author: Gatsu
Description: Pokemon style mechanics. Turn based battles in random encounters with computer. Obtain more units using capsules then level them up and evolve.
Players: 8

What We Had to Say:

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