Episode 08 – New Year’s Resolution & You!

Welcome to Episode 08 of Knights of the Ebon podcast. This is YOUR Death Knight podcast in the World of Warcraft. Each show, I, Epicinsanity, bring you the latest details on the greatest class in the game… The Death Knight. Each show I discuss relevant news, my weekly topic and some helpful tips & tricks to help you improve your game. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

This episode was recorded on Tuesday, January 6th, 2014 and released the same day.

Every year we make New Years Resolutions we don’t keep. I wake up every day telling myself that I’m going to shave, but I never do. So this year, I want to sit down with some of you and talk about our past year in World of Warcraft and what your goals are for 2015!

So here are the questions:

Gaming New Years Resolution:

  1. What did you accomplish in 2014 in World of Warcraft? (I.e. PVE, PVP, etc.)
  2. Out of everything that happened in 2014, what are you the most thankful for?
  3. What did you plan to accomplish but didn’t in 2014 in World of Warcraft?
  4. What do you want to accomplish in 2015 in World of Warcraft?

This will be an audio interview. I will record on my end, and it should only take 10-15 mins of your time to actually record these mini interviews.

All I ask is that you have a microphone, 10-15 mins of limited background noise time and Skype. Once you have contacted me, I will share my Skype information.

It’s super easy even a Mage could do it. You don’t have to play a Death Knight to participate, but it does help! Depending on the amount of interest in helping me out with this, not everyone will get into the episode. And it will be first come first serve. So if your interested, email the Show ASAP! (KnightsOfEbon@FrozeNerdz.com)

Questions via Twitter:

@John_S20: Great podcast. Big Death Knight fan. Are you going to explore the lore more or is this going to be a pure gameplay show?

@Hobbit340: perhaps you could discuss the mechanics of keeping aggro for new tanks.

@mannyg3: I would love to gets some DK PVP love. If you don’t PVP maybe you can find a guest. Thanks.

@Reinsbriener Hey @Epic_Insanity, possibly a noob question: you can actually switch specs/roles without really changing gear & be OK right?

Where You Can Find The Show:

Website: www.FrozeNerdz.com
Show Twitter: @KnightsOfEbon
Show E-mail: KnightsOfEbon@FrozeNerdz.com
Personal Twitter: @Epic_Insanity
Blizzard Entertainment Podcast: @FrozeNerdz

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