Episode 03 – Cold for a Paws

Welcome to Frozen Nerdz Episode 03: Cold for a Paws. Today is February 11th, 2014. The show was Recorded: February 7th, 2014

Today on the Frozen Nerdz we have a lot to talk about. In our World of Warcraft segment we are going to discuss a wide range of topics, the vote kick system, best days to attempt Looking for Raid, a revamp to professions, raid items being sold from vendors instead of drops, rare spawn mobs across realms, and if Bots should be allowed. Then we jump into the Starcade to discuss a game called Squadron Tower Defense. Then we let the bass drop out in our Diablo 3 Community Creation segment where we let you the listener hear an amazing Diablo 3 dubstep. After that song chills you to your bones, we go over to the Steam Room to warm up and discuss Warframe, a First Person Shooter with a science fiction twist. After we hand out our towel whips, we slow things down a little bit and talk about an Indie Game in production called Catlateral Damage. Then we put the show on ice and open the IceBox.

So thank you very much for tuning in to Episode 03 of the Frozen Nerdz podcast! Enjoy!

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