Episode 02 – Just a Dusting

Welcome to Episode 02 of the Frozen Nerdz podcast. Today is Tuesday Feb. 4th 2014 the show you are about to hear was recorded January 31, 2014. This week the Frozen Nerdz discuss the Blizzard/Twitch TV Stream Awards, the guild perks system, the rise and fall of the Mega Guilds, and the guild management tools within World of Warcraft. Then we jump right into the Starcade where we discuss Baneling Bobble 2. Kilroy shares about his experience in the TwizzCast Hearthstone Happy Hour, and then we move onto our Diablo discussion about an amazing spray painted picture of Tyrael. Then we move onto our Steam Room discussion of the week featuring the Free to Play game 8Bit MMO. Feel free to contract the show via Email: IceBox@FrozeNerdz.com, on Twitter @FrozeNerdz, or on our website: FrozeNerdz.com. Thank you so much for taking the time to download and listen to this weeks episode 201CJust a Dusting201D

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