Episode 01 – The Winter is Here!

Welcome to Frozen Nerdz Episode 01 – The Winter is Here! This episode was recorded on Friday, January  24th 2014 and published on Tuesday, January 28, 2014.
Welcome to Episode 01 of the Frozen Nerdz podcast. First, we just want to thank you for taking the time to download the show. Since this is our first show, we want to introduce ourselves and let you know who the Frozen Nerdz are.

Today the Frozen Nerdz discuss: 

Warcraft: Battle.net offline feature, Talent Tree suggestions, and discuss the in-game Raid tool created by Blizzard. And Kilroy presents his topic of the week World Bosses. 
The Starcade: Roach Snake
Hearthstone: Open Beta and Epicinsanity presents his personal topic, “How long is too long for a beta?”
Diablo: Fanart version of Hearthstone
The Steam Room: Solstice Arena a free to play MOBA
Indie House: How Steam effects Indie game DayZ with it’s early access sales. 


Forum Topics:

#1: WoW Needs a Show as offline feature
#2: Talent Tree suggestions
#3: Blizzard Raid tool being used to poach bloody coins 

 Kilroy’s Personal Topic: World Bosses

The Starcade

Game: Roach Snake
Type: Starcraft version of the Classic Snake
Creator: Pakaran


Hearthstone goes open beta!  For Blizzard’s offical communication, click here.
Epic’s Personal Topic: “How long is too long for a beta for a free to play game?”
Kilroy’s Combo Play

Diablo Forums

Community Creation Spotlight:  A fan rendition of what Hearthstone could look like in the Diablo universe. Click here to check it out. _____________________________________________________________________

The Steam Room
Game Name: Solstice Arena

Type: MOBA
Creator: Zynga
Available Platforms: Steam and iOS
Brief Description: Experience epic battles in the world’s first Speed MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena).  Awarded “Best MOBA of E3 2013” by WarCry, and “Best Mobile Strategy of E3” by RTS Guru.
Towel Whip Rating System: Overall Rating: 2.5 (3)
  • How fun is it: Kilroy – 3; Epicinsanity – 4
  • How it looks: Kilroy – 4; Epicinsanity – 4
  • Will it keep your interest: Kilroy – 1; Epicinsanity – 2
  • Content that is actually “Free”: Kilroy – 1; Epicinsanity – 1
  • Content Growth Potential: Kilroy – 2; Epicinsanity – 2

Indie House

Indie Game News:  Steam matters for Indie Developers DayZ offers a million reasons why


The Icebox

Nothing in the IceBox this week.

Where Can the Find Us:

Twitter: @FrozeNerdz
Forums: CatalystGamingMedia.com/forums

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