Control the Episode: Ask Us Anything

Were you a listener of Epic Questions? Or are you new to the insanity that is Frozen Nerdz? In a life before Frozen Nerdz, Kilroy and Epicinsanity did a questions and answer podcast about all things World of Warcraft. With over 50+ podcast episodes under their belt with numerous appearances on other gaming podcasts like The Training Dummies, Realm Maintenance, The Sundering, the Chaos Portal and even Girls Gone Wow, it seems like by now people would understand what goes on in our brains, and in our shows. But there is one thing we forgot about… We’ve never taken the time to let YOU the listener actually discover who we are! So now’s your chance.

We are going to be having an Ask Us Anything episode coming up in the near future. It’s completely based on how many questions we can that we can squeeze into one recording session. But the best part is, these questions don’t have to be gaming related, they can be about anything you have ever wanted to know about the two of us. If you have always wondered why Kilroy can talk in 19,000 different voices, or why Epicinsanity has never sang on an episode of Frozen Nerdz? Ask away!

Before you think… oh, you are just doing this so you have something to talk about on the show, or to become more popular on the internet. Well, the good thing is, we aren’t doing it for either of those reasons. We have plenty to talk about each and every week, and when it comes to internet fame, it’s not going to get us anywhere besides jail, or on one of those… here they are today TV series.

So here’s how it all works. You submit questions either via e-mail ( or on Twitter (@FrozeNerdz), and we will answer them on the show. But remember, because our show is a labeled clean, your questions need to be in a clean fashion. We encourage you to ask questions that aren’t gaming related, or are about things outside of the normal realm of our podcast. But remember, not every question will make it into the show, and some questions may be joined up with other people asking the same thing.

So if you want to get to know these Nerdz on a more personal and entertaining level… now is your chance! Take control of the episode, and make us talk about what you want us to talk about.

We both thank you in advance, and we are excited to see the type of questions you can come up with!

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