Community Call to Arms: What Does Gaming Mean to You?


[Update] This community project is never ending. We will continue to take responses and talk about it until YOU stop sending them in. We discuss questions 1-5 on Episode 72 – Heart of Gaming Part 1! (August 4th, 2015).



Hello Nerdz!

Video games mean different things to different people. For one person it could mean an escape from a stressful day at work and to the next person it could mean a way to overcome a fear of social interactions. To another person it could be an escape from social interactions. And the list goes on. But what video games mean to you, is different than what it means to us Nerdz.

So instead of acting like we can read your minds (Don’t worry, we have tried on several different occasions, and most of you were thinking about tacos…), we want to hear it directly from you, in your words.

So what does gaming mean to you? Is it more than pixels, an escape from reality, or an escape to a better place where you can be the hero?

So today we issue a Call to Arms from everyone who’s ever played a video game, from Candy Crush to Eve, from World of Warcraft to Starcraft and beyond.

Since we are a community focused podcast, we want to involve the community in our discussion about the meaning of video games. We will introduce this idea on Episode 71, and talk about it on Episode 72 of Frozen Nerdz. Episode 72 will be recorded on August 2nd. We will be reading bits and pieces of your responses and discussing them live on the show. Highlights will be published on here on our website, and will also be used in a few future endeavors.

So what do we need from you… well, what gaming means to you! And a simple email to our IceBox (! Or send us an MP3, or a video, or a smoke signal, or carrier pigeon!

You can also join the conversation on Twitter, by using the hashtag: #NerdzCalling

Pick from the following questions, or submit your own!

  1. What do video games mean to you?
  2. Why did you start playing video games?
  3. After all these years, why do you continue to play video games?
  4. When playing a character, is that character more to you than pixels?
  5. What drives you to play a new game (Friends, Popular, etc)?
  6. What’s the most meaningful personal relationship you have formed through video games?
  7. What’s been your most memorable moment playing video games?
  8. What’s the funniest reaction you have received when telling someone you play video games?
  9. Have video games ever helped you in ways you never thought possible (Overcoming depression, finding a partner, land a new job, etc.)?
  10. What’s your first memory of playing video games?

Answer 1, 3, 7 or all the questions (or a add a few of your own!) and send them over to us at If you would like, this can be done 100% anonymously. No real names required, and nothing will be shared publicly that you don’t want us to share. Just let us know that in the e-mail!

Just because we are a Blizzard Entertainment Podcast doesn’t mean the answers have to be Blizzard Entertainment Game related! After all, there were video games before Blizzard came along (We know…. Shocking).

To send a quick e-mail, hit Contact at the top of this page!

Help spread the word. There are millions of gamers and a million different meaning to what video games mean to you!

Will you answer the Nerdz call?! #NerdzCalling

Thanks for reading. And we look forward to hearing from you!

Kilroy & Epicinsanity

The Frozen Nerdz

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