Boss Mode: 6v1 – OWA

Welcome to the Overwatch Arcade!

Today’s Overwatch Arcade game is called “Boss Mode: 6v1.” And you can watch it here!

** This is the rule set that was used when TESTING this video, but if you watch the video you will find out how this Rule set was not optional for this testing makeup. Definitely a learning experience!**

Boss Mode: 6v1 Arcade Rule Set:

  • Preset: 3v3 Elimination.
  • Lobby:
    • Team 1: 6 Players
    • Team 2: 1 Player
  • Maps: Control
  • Heroes:
    • Team 1:
      • No Zarya, Winston, Roadhog, Reinhardt, or
      • No Zenyatta, Mercy, Lucio, or Ana (Later changed).
    • Team 2:
      • Only Zarya, Winston, Roadhog, Reinhardt, and
        • Damage Increased to 300% (Later switched to 150%)
        • Health Increased to 500%
        • Healing Received Increased to 200%

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  1. By Coty

    Hey guys I just came across your podcast 🙂 — I stumbled upon it from discovery your episode that featured one of my SC2 mods “Thunderfury Blessed Blade of the Windseeker”. Thanks so much for playing it I really enjoyed hearing your guys reaction! I’ll have to check out your live twitch podcast tomorrow!


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