After Dark

You’ve asked, and we have listened!

For years, we have been “clean lyrics” podcast on iTunes. And we pride ourselves in how well we have NOT cussed on the show. But if you have ever met Kilroy and Epicinsanity in person, or had the chance to game with them. You quickly found out that they cuss and swear like Navy Sailors.

People always ask, “How do you guys go from Rated M for Mature to PG-13 for the podcast?” And honestly, it’s just natural for us to not swear and to keep it pretty clean once we sit down in front of the microphone. But now we are throwing out the good boy routine and we are going to be releasing our Patreon Exclusive podcast episodes called, “Frozen Nerdz After Dark.”

The reason that this will be a Patreon Exclusive is two fold. Our Patrons are the reason we are able to create content in the first place and Patreon gives us a way to limit the exposure of filthily mouths to people under the age of 18. We won’t just being vulgar for no reason, we are going to take Blizzard Entertainment topics, or things that got under our skin this past week in the Blizzard Universe and take about it without a filter.

Each and every person who pledges to our Patreon will have access to our Patreon Only podcast feed. It doesn’t matter if you pledge $1 per month, or $100. Every Patron gets a chance to listen to Frozen Nerdz After Dark.

But since we are good dealers, we are going to be giving you the first listen for free. You can listen to the edited version of After Dark at the end of Episode 204 which will be released on May 1st, 2018. Or you can check out the unedited version on our Patreon Page and download the MP3. After the first episode, you can deicide if it’s something you want to continue to hear, or not.

To become part of Nerd Nation and to gain access to future episodes of Frozen Nerdz After Dark consider becoming a Patron today! Check out our page here.

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