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Epic Diablo 3: RoS Fan "Art"

Created by Epicinsanity. All rights below to the owners of the photos. Used for creative exploration only. No copy right infringement was intended.










We have been teasing about it for awhile, and here it is… The Legendary “Art” work of Epicinsanity. I hope it at least made you smile.

Heroes of the Storm: Cinematic Trailer


Heroes of the Storm is a raucous online team brawler starring your favorite Blizzard characters. To learn much more, visit, where in the weeks to come, you’ll find tons of videos, hero profiles, game features, information on how to join the public beta test, and more.

Warlords of Draenor Trailer: Wish You Were Here

The Iron Horde’s invasion of Azeroth is imminent. Jump back into action today! Pre-purcahse Warlords of Draenor and get a level 90 character boost to use in-game now.

This was uploaded on March 7th, 2014.


Episode 5- Demon Assault in the Dungeon

As discussed on episode 5 this week the Diablo fan art made by 超淵徐 (Chao Yuan Xu) is right here for you to see in all of its majesty and glory! Thanks for listening and we hope you share your thoughts on this great art!fanart-0061-large


Episode 04 – Demon Hunter Artwork

Each and every week on the Frozen Nerdz podcast, Kilroy and myself will be discussing different Diablo Community Creations. We search the forums, the media sections and beyond you bring YOU the listener/reader the most interesting creation of the week.

On Episode 04 “Fhqwhgads, It wasn’t me!” the Frozen Nerdz discussed a beautiful image of a demon hunter created by Andreas Braun (Kreak) entitled “Discipline | Hatred.” Here is that image in all of its glory. 

Discipline | Hatred Submitted By:Andreas Braun (Kreak)

Tyrael Graffiti…. Nah just an Awesome Bedroom!

On episode 2 – Just a dusting Epic Insanity and Kilroy discussed a spray painted room that looks phenomenal! To make it easier on our listeners you can view the photo right here on our site, and if you want head over to The Diablo 3 Forums  and give the artist some positive feedback because they did an awesome job!tyreal

Open Beta

Hey FrozeNerdlingz, just a heads up thisweek, on January 28th 2014, we discuss Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft going into its open beta!  You can download Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft by clicking that link.


Roach Snake

This week on FrozeNerdz we discuss a fun little game that can be found in the Starcraft II Arcade, Roach Snake v1.0 by Pakaran. Stop by the show this Tuesday January, 28th and hear about this weeks adventure into the Starcade.Roach snake

Soulstone: Heroes of Pandemonium

This Week on FrozeNerdz we discuss… A DIABLO THEMED HEARTHSTONE BOARD?!!!! Guess you’ll need to tune in on January 28th 2014 to find out more!